Donating to IRIS House has never been easier! Every Little bit counts, both PayPal and credit cards are accepted.

We need the help of our community to continue to enrich the lives of the residents who have to cope everyday with various forms of Persistent Serious Mental Illness (PSMI). There are many different programs offered to help ensure the stability of our residents health and well-being. At IRIS House the residents are well cared for in a safe, secure and supportive home.


Data shows that we have significantly reduced the amount of hospital stays which in turn, help improves the lives of our residents while saving our health, emergency and justice systems valuable money.


We as a non-profit rely much on donations for the continued care of our residents, every little bit helps!

$5 - Help sponsor activities and recreation such as Bingo and walks to Tim Horton's.

$10 - Can help a resident for a day. The amount of money from City of Windsor and Hostel Funds, is lower than what is required for our staff to make the home safe and secure.

$15 - Become an annual member of IRIS House. Receiving newsletters three times per year, and receive information about upcoming events.

$25 - Help sponsor a residential outing. Between 12-20 residents attend an event they can walk to or may need a taxi for transportation. Examples of past events include Chili-Fest, Devonshire Mall , and even activities that take place at Adie Knox such as swimming.

$50 - Help sponsor a resident bus outing. 30 or more residents might attend this event requiring larger transportation methods. These events have included, a visit to Point Pelee Park, Windsor Spitfire game, Windsor Express game, and even a river boat cruise.